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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does CAPO Security send marketing representatives Door to Door?

CAPO Security uses a Door to Door approach to advertising residential home security systems and installations into researched markets because it--
1. Generates localized name recognition into specifically targeted areas.
2. Allows marketing representatives and customers the opportunity to customize security solutions in an on-site evaluation.
3. Creates customer awareness and is aligned with our commitment to our customers that we will
always take a “Pro-active” approach to security instead of a “Re-active” approach.

How can I verify a representative’s employment with CAPO Security?

Ask the representative for an ID to verify who they are then call the office to confirm employment at 863-638-5179.

How can I receive a quote or purchase a security system from CAPO Security?

1. Call 863-638-5179.  You will be assigned to one of our highly trained specialists who will
customize a solution for each of your security, medical alert, and surveillance needs.

2. Send request to

3. Talk with a Door to Door Marketing Representative in your area.
4. Visit us at the local fairs, mall kiosks, conventions, and civic meetings.
5. Fill out the request form on the front page of this website.

If I live outside of Florida can I still purchase a system through CAPO Security?

CAPO Security has partnered with some of the largest dealers and technicians network in the country. As a result, CAPO Security can service customers nationwide. To learn more call 1-863-638-5179.

What if I have an existing security system with a different company, can CAPO Security monitoring my existing equipment?

CAPO Security can monitor existing equipment.  Fill out the contact form on the website, for a free evaluation to see if your current equipment is compatible.


How can I request service on my existing home security system?

Providing unmatched service to each of our customers is our #1 priority.
*For 24/7 emergency issues contact your monitoring service provider*
For basic service related issues, please complete one of the following:
1. Fill out a service request form on this site.
2. Call 863-638-5179 during normal business hours.
3. Email us at and we will contact you within 1 business day.

Can I add more stuff to my security system later on?
Upgrading or adding to your current system is a cinch.  Just call into our office at 863-638-5179 and we will have a field representative contact you to discuss your options.

What if I move into a new home, can I take my system with me?
Yes you can.  You may also keep your system in your old home and use it has a selling point to your home.  CAPO Security will provide you with one FREE system move into your new home!  That means you will receive a new system package in your new home!  Don’t worry about uninstalling and taking your old system with you. Certain Restrictions Apply.

Why do I need to sign a 36 month agreement?
You do not need to sign a 36 month agreement with all CAPO Security offers.  CAPO Security has various offers some of which do not require a contract.  If contract length is an issue when deciding on a CAPO Security system, just ask your rep for additional equipment purchase options.

Many customers choose to take advantage of the standard 36 month agreement because it reduces much of the upfront costs and makes securing their home an affordable!  Customers can maximize their value with a 36 month agreement.

We also offer 12 month and 24 month plans.

It is our goal that our customers stay customers for the long term.

If I signed a monitoring service contract can I get out of it before the initial term is up?
You can get out of your contract.  In order to cancel your agreement, you must pay 80% of the remaining agreement.  CAPO Security invests financially into each of their customers.  Many times this requires a contract or agreement between CAPO Security and its customers.  It is our hope that each of our customers honors their commitment to us as we honor our commitment to them. 

Why do you need my social security number in order for me to receive a security system?
CAPO Security requests a social security number for various reasons.  First and foremost it’s important that each customer understands that their security is taken very seriously.  That is why we are in the security business!

CAPO Security will require your social security number in order to run a soft credit check.  This is required for those seeking to have their home security system monitored 24/7.  We are putting value equipment in your home and a satisfactory score is required to make sure the monitoring will be paid.

Lastly, in the case of an “in-home emergency,” one of the best ways to verify you are the home owner is with your social security number.  This is not the only element to the verification process; however, it serves as a valuable key to distinguishing the good guy from the bad.

How can I ask additional questions not addressed on this site?
Any additional question can be addressed by email to Some responses may take 1-5 business days.