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CAPO Security, Inc.  leads the home monitoring revolution by staying in sync with today’s cutting-edge technology in a few different ways. We rely on cellular technology for our systems. The cellular module eliminates the need for a telephone landline for your system to operate from. Our system uses satellite signals and cellular towers to transmit any emergency to the emergency operator. This also counteracts burglars’ ability to disable phone lines from the outside of the home. Cellular technology is also conducive with Florida weather because it is not affected by lightening and power outages. This cellular technology is perfect for homeowners who rely on cell phones and do not have a telephone landline in their home.

Another innovation that we employ is our two-way voice module. This allows an emergency operator to listen in on what is occurring in the home and speak with those present in the home. This feature allows the operator to determine the legitimacy of the alarm, medical needs in the home, and which departments need to be dispatched. The two-way voice module is instrumental in effectively coordinating and addressing the needs of any emergency.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to call CAPO Security, Inc. to protect your family and valuables from theft and break-ins. At CAPO Security, Inc. we specialize in creating peace of mind by offering you the best services in the business.

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CAPO Security, Inc. is an authorized home security dealer, licensed, insured and bonded in the State of Florida.