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Two Way Voice


What is it?

A "2-Way Voice" system uses a traditional phone line for connection.  This allows you to communicate vital information through the speakerphone built directly into your panel, and lets the agent hear into the home and communicate with anyone in vocal range.

How does it work?

When the system is armed and the burglary alarm is tripped:

  • The alarm siren will go off.
  • When the alarm ceases, the microphone and speaker are activated.
  • A monitoring agent will listen to the sounds inside the home.
  • The agent will speak directly from the keypad/panel, requesting verbal password.
  • If the correct password is given, the authorities will not be alerted.
  • If the incorrect password is given, the authorities will be given a "robbery in progress" signal, along with all the information gathered through the microphone. (Sounds of breaking, struggling, etc.)

What are the benefits?

A 2-way voice system has a live agent confirm the intrusion before emergency personnel are dispatched.  If no one comes to the panel, the agent can confidently provide a "robbery in progress" signal to authorities, significantly improving response time.

For those who have medical problems, a panic medical button can be provided and the two way voice can be used as a medical alert which can eliminate the need for an extra bill.

2way voice is like OnStar for your home which can reduce false alarms with the verbal verification.

Can I add 2way voice to an existing system?

Yes, you can!  You do not have to get a completely new system to have 2way voice because it can be added to existing systems.  Please fill out the Free Evaluation Form so that a security professional can come do a free analysis of your location.