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Cellular Interactive Services

What is it?
A cellular system uses a secure cellular radio built into the panel, allowing the system to communicate wirelessly.This can also be set up as a backup to your landline in the event of a line failure.  A lot goes on while you're away that doesn't require a police or fire department response.  With Cellular Interactive Services, you can keep track of everything that happens at your home, even when you are not there.

How does it work?
Unlike traditional alarm systems, cellular systems don't rely on the phone company, so it works in every home and business and can't be defeated by an intruder sipping the wire.  It requires no landline or Internet connection; instead, the signal from your security system travels wirelessly using a dedicated, encrypted and secure connection. When trouble strikes, it interacts with the central station faster than a traditional alarm to send out an immediate response to both you and the monitoring station.

What are the benefits?
*Costs about the same as a traditional alarm.
*Keeps you updated with an email or text alert when a sensor is activated.
*Allows user to send commands through a Smart Phone or via the web.
*Allows user to set up arming reminders and system notifications
*View history of recent events on Smart Phone.

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