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Wireless Cellular Radio

What does it mean?

Wireless protection means that your security system communicates with the alarm monitoring center using a secure cellular network.  A cell phone like device connected to your alarm panel transmits the alarm signals wirelessly to the monitoring center.  Wireless protection is the most reliable form of security because the communication path can't be cut from the exterior by a smart intruder or bad weather.

You don't need a land line to have a security system.

Are you thinking of getting rid of your telephone line?  No problem.  CAPO Security offers cellular technology to communicate with the alarm monitoring center.  A traditional phone line is not a requirement with an alarm system anymore.

Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines are disappearing at an alarming rate.  According to a filing from AT&T to the FCC in December 2009, approximately 25% of households have abandoned POTS altogether, and another 700,000 lines are being cut every month.

In Florida, alarm systems that are POTS dependent are more susceptible to failure/damage due to lightning strikes.  POTS lines are also vulnerable to being cut from the exterior of your home by an intruder which can stop the communication of your monitored alarm to the central monitoring station.

In the past, the lack of a phone line would mean that you could not have a security system but today you can... contact CAPO Security to get wirelessly protected.

Security systems may not work reliably using a VoIP connection or digital telephone service.

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services are becoming more and more prevalent but require power and internet which are both services that can be ended in a power failure if you do not have some kind of UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).

If your Internet router is disabled or if there's a power outage, the alarm signal cannot be transmitted.  Additionally, the alarm signals are susceptible to distortion using VoIP.

Are you thinking of using VoIP phone service, or maybe using cell phones exclusively? Maybe you’re looking to secure a location that does not even have a phone line at all. All of these options are no problem with CAPO Security's state of the art technology.  With their wireless cell radios they provide a reliable connection.  The cell radio operates independently and delivers the highest level of protection.

Even if a phone line or power is cut during a break-in, cellular communication signals will be sent to our Monitoring Center for alarm verification and if necessary, police or fire department dispatch. This also provides our customers complete flexibility on what type of phone service they use without compromising their security system.

If you are going to pay for a security system, you should require one that is designed to work when you need it most. Unlike prior generations of security systems, our systems that use the Wireless Cellular Communication:

  • Function if the phone line is cut
  • Function if the power is out
  • Are compatible with VOIP phone systems
  • Can be armed/disarmed remotely by internet or smartphone.*
  • Can be managed online*
  • Professional grade equipment that is top of the line
*require Cellular Interactive Services