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Smoke and Fire Protection

CAPO Security, Inc. understands how devastating smoke and fire dangers can ravage your home and steal precious valuables you hold dear. Smoke inhalation and fire are responsible for many deaths and injuries throughout the United States, many of these deaths and injuries being avoidable. That is why it is so important to maintain smoke detectors throughout your home. Our system employs smoke detectors as well as our two-way voice module. This allows an emergency operator to listen in on what is occurring in the home and speak with those present in the home. This feature allows the operator to determine the legitimacy of the alarm, medical needs in the home, and which departments need to be dispatched. The two-way voice module is instrumental in effectively coordinating and addressing the needs of any emergency.   Don’t wait until it’s too late to call CAPO Security, Inc. protect your family and valuables  from smoke and fire damage. At CAPO Security, Inc. we specialize in creating peace of mind by offering you the best services in the business.

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CAPO Security, Inc. is an authorized home security dealer, licensed, insured and bonded in the State of Florida.