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Video Monitoring

CAPO Security prides itself on the newest technology.  Our central monitoring center is equiped to handle many different platforms of DVR’s and IP cameras.  They took on this technological challenge since we saw the direction of equipment being manufactured in our industry and the fact that jurisdictions and city ordinances throughout the country are moving down the path and implementing “no response without verification”.

Video Monitoring has already been proven to reduce false dispatches false alarms and the false alarm fines that are now being charged. Whether you need Video Alarm Event Verification, Video Guard Tours or Video Hosting for your Car Dealerships, Marinas, Warehouses, Trucking Yards, Schools Systems, Electrical Sub Stations, Construction Sites, Apartment’s, Gated Communities, etc... we have you covered.

Some of the services that we offer are:

  • Video Alarm Event Verification
  • Scheduled Guard Tours
  • Voice Downs to premise
  • Video Archiving
  • Instant Transmittal of Video Clips Via Email
  • Commercial, Residential, Government and Industrial Applications